Well hello!  My name is Ryan, but I also go by TBK.  In fact, if you yelled that in an open street I would probably turn around and respond, you crazy stranger you.  Stick Figure Tales was a project that I did back in college around 2008-2009.  This was a fun outlet for me to poke fun, relieve frustration, or generally attempt to be funny.  The problem was, I couldn’t draw.  At least, not anything of consequence.  So I started drawing Stick Figures, not very good ones either, but it was fun, and I had a blast doing it.

So why am I doing this now.  Well, I thought it’d be fun to get the site back up, and start posting all the old comic archives, and heck, maybe even do some new ones!  So enjoy this blast from the past, or don’t, I can’t control you!